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Welcome To Razi School

Razi School fosters spirituality and academic excellence in a distinctive Islamic environment with high expectations for students in grades Pre K-12. Razi School strives to facilitate the success of all our students.

The Winners of Science Fair 2018:

1st Grade:
  • 1st Place: Haadi Elahi
  • 2nd Place: Sajid Ismail
  • 3rd Place: Sarah Mirza
2nd Grade:
  • 1st Place: Ahmed Omar
  • 2nd Place: Safir Uddin
  • 3rd Place: Laya Khalil
3rd Grade:
  • 1st Place: Zafir Alam
  • 2nd Place: Samina Traghetto
  • 3rd Place: Ameen Salem
4th Grade:
  • 1st Place: Mohammed Aliyu
  • 2nd Place: Usman Farooqi
  • 3rd Place: Jara Fall
5th Grade:
  • 1st Place: Ali Ismail
  • 2nd Place: Mohammed Saab
  • 3rd Place: Nahiyan Azad
6th Grade:
  • 1st Place: Saihah Uddin
  • 2nd Place: Farah Motair
  • 3rd Place: Elvedin Cirikovic
7th Grade:
  • 1st Place: Muhammad Hussain
  • 2nd Place: Ali Saab
  • 3rd Place: Raina Alam
8th Grade:
  • 1st Place: Widad Saab
  • 2nd Sumaiya Ahmed
  • 3rd Place: Hadeer Motair, Tamzid Moafiq, Mohamed Elmasry, Nasif Chowdhury
9th Grade:
  • 1st Place: Suhaila Islam, Sumaira Islam, Marwa Khawja
  • 2nd Place: Samiha Sabur, Maisha Hussain, Israt Jahan
  • 3rd Place: Majid Talukder, Refath Ashraf
10th Grade:
  • 1st Place: Azka Munawar, Behishta Khawja, Aysha Ali
  • 2nd Place: Marwa Zahin, Kazi Ahmed