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 Entrance Policies

Razi School accepts students in Prekindergarten through 12th grade, space permitting. Prekindergarten applicants must be three years old and toilet-trained by September 1st and Kindergarten applicants must be five years old by December 31st of that calendar year. Students applying at the high school level should inquire as to their eligibility in meeting the Razi School graduation requirements by the end of the 12th grade. Razi School's high school program is a full Regents, college preparatory curriculum where students are expected to earn a minimum of 35 credits. In addition, students must meet performance standards by passing various Regents Exams as well as school prepared examinations. Credit for previous schooling is awarded as appropriate.

Admission Testing

All applicants, except for Prekindergarten, must take an Admission Exam. Applicants for kindergarten are assessed to determine their readiness for school learning. Applicants for first grade and up are assessed on their achievement in language, mathematics, and science. There is a Fifty Dollar fee for the exam.

Students who cannot read, speak, or write English on their age appropriate grade level will be tested in their native language. Those who score within the standard of Razi School will be accepted (space permitting), but will be placed in the ESL Program.

Acceptance & Grade Placement

Decisions on admission to Razi School are made by the administration as soon as all relevant information has been received. To be eligible for admission, the student must demonstrate academic abilities, which are compatible with the educational standard of Razi School. Decisions made by the administration are communicated to the parents as promptly as possible. Grade placement in Razi School is the sole responsibility of the school, as are teacher and class designations. If no place is available due to a full class, the applicant will be placed on a waiting list.

Health Requirements

Proof of immunization and a recent PPD (regardless if the child received BCG) must be presented to the school before the student is allowed to attend class. Per New York City health regulations, students in Prekindergarten through first grade and any students transferring to Razi School from a school outside of New York City must have the school medical form completed and signed by a physician prior to attending classes. All students must be immunized according to New York State health requirements.

Financial Responsibility

Once a child has been accepted, the non-refundable tuition deposit and the non-refundable registration fee are due. Before a student is allowed to attend class, the school must receive all due tuition and fees.

Re-registration occurs from March - April each year. Failure to re-register at this time will result in a possible loss of a place for your child for the following academic year.

Withdrawals & Transfer of Records

Written notice of transfer or withdrawal is mandatory. To withdraw or transfer your child to another school at any time during the school year, a parent must come to the school office and complete the necessary forms. Records of students will be forwarded to receiving schools when forms are complete and tuition bills have been paid in full.

Transfer to Razi School

Schools in the United States: If your child is attending a school in the US, the Admissions Office will request academic information and end-of-year grades directly from the previous school. To do so, you must provide the following:

1. The complete mailing address of the student’s current school.
2. A signed record request form from Razi School.

Outside the United States: If your child is attending a school outside the US, the previous school is required to mail an official transcript for at least the past two years of academic study to the Admissions Office of Razi School. The official records should include copies of any national examinations. Teacher or headmaster comments are desirable.

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 Tuition & Fees

It is not among the objectives of Razi School to achieve financial gain. Nevertheless since there are substantial costs involved in operating the school we must require each student to pay tuition and certain fees. This covers only a portion of the actual cost of each student. The yearly tuition and fees are as follows:

Tuition 2017-2018 (Please Note: [*] these items must be paid at the time of your first tuition installment

Prekindergarten, Kindergarten $5,500.00
1st - 8th Grade $5,300.00
9th - 12th Grade $5,700.00


Application Fee $50.00
Placement Test Fee $50.00
*Admission Fee (Charged once with continuous enrollment) $100.00
Transportation Fee (According to distance) $2,500.00-$3,100.00
*PreK Supply Fee $250.00
*K - 2nd Book Fee $350.00
*3rd - 11th Book Fee $400.00
*12th Grade Book Fee $450.00
*Art Fee $75.00
* Technology Fees $75
Kindergarten & 8th Grade Graduation Fee $75.00
*12th Grade Graduation Fee $130.00
*Yearbook Fee (One per family) $75.00
*PTA Membership Fee (One per family) $75.00
Collection Fee (One per family) $50.00

To assist families enrolling more than one child, a discount of 20% on the second child and 30% on the third child is given on both tuition and bus fees.

Tuition and transportation fees must be paid either in 4 installments, 8 installments or in full. This will be based on the sole discretion & agreement between the parents and the administrative office. In either of these situations, full payment is expected to be completed, at the latest, by April 15 of that academic year.

• A $30 NSF fee will be charged for all returned checks.

• Once a payment check is returned, only cash or money orders will be accepted for future payments.

• Payments are expected to be made as scheduled, even in cases of extended absences.

• There are no refunds on tuition or fees of any kind if a student leaves school for any reason.

If you fail to honor the payment plan which the school and you agreed upon, your child will be prohibited from attending class until payment is received.

The Razi School will enforce this policy without exception.

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 Application Form
The first step in the admission procedure at Razi School is the return of the completed application form, together with the non-refundable and non-deductible Fifty Dollar application fee, and a  copy of the applicant's birth certificate or passport. The form has been attached below in both PDF & Word format. Please click on the appropriate link.

Application Microsoft Word Document
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Application Adobe Acrobat PDF Document
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