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College Entrance Testing - ACT and SAT

ACT versus SAT: Counselors usually advise their students to try one SAT / ACT sometime in
the spring semester of junior year. Colleges across the US will take either test for admission
purposes.The tests are somewhat different - while they are both timed tests, SAT is a reasoning test
while ACT is testing what you know (meaning the more subjects and the more challenging curriculum
you have, the better you should do).
A higher score on either test can play into an admissions decision as well as a scholarship decision
depending on the college.

The Registration Process : You can check the dates and register online at their respective websites
www.collegeboard.org (SAT) and www.act.org (ACT)
Registration Fees and Test Waivers: Registration fees will vary depending on when you register
(early/regular, late or standby)
If cost is a burden, please see your counselor about the possibility of a fee waiver for the process.
Fee waivers are granted based on family size and financial information.

Choosing a test site: When you register,you'll also have to check the test date for testing sites
in the area and rank the top three (3) preferences of where you'd like to test. The benefit of
registering early is that your test site should be closer to home.
Testing in a familiar school setting may be helpful. Please note: Razi is NOT a test site for ACT or

Sending Test Scores to the Colleges: At registration time, you can select up to four (4) colleges
to receive your scores automatically. The benefit is that you won't have to pay an additional fee
later to send them. Most colleges accept any scores that are sent but keep the highest score for
admission and scholarship consideration. For the class of 2010, students will be able to select the
particular test date/test score to send to their colleges for both ACT and SAT (previously SAT sent
a history of scores). Of course, you are always welcome to wait to send your scores or feel free to
consult with your counselor if you're uncertain.

Test Preparation :As for test prep, there are free materials in a number of places including the
collegeboard and Act web sites. We have the Study Guides in the library and the counselor's office
at the reference sections.

SAT Subject Tests:Some colleges may recommend or require SAT Subject Tests in addition to the
SAT Reasoning Test. Subject tests are one-hour, subject specific tests in areas ranging from math
and science to literature, history and languages (similar to AP tests). Colleges requiring the tests
will specify how many (usually two or three) and sometimes which ones (math and science are common).
Colleges will clarify their recommendation or requirement on their website or you may contact the
admissions office. Also, please pay attention that some college and universities are Test Optional.