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Razi School Celebrates Green Day

Green Day, which is also known as international Human Solidarity with Palestine, was celebrated by the Razi community on (enter date here). It was an incredibly special day that gave our students and staff a chance to stand in solidarity with all of those around the world, and specifically Palestine, that are experiencing injustices and human rights abuses. Razi students are taught that all humans are equal in the eyes of Allah, and all good Muslim leaders stand up against the injustices in the world.

By promoting awareness, starting a conversation and taking action through creative shared experiences, the Razi community ensures 3that all students are prepared to be model citizens for the future. We began the day with an informative presentation by Azhar Ahmed and Taihan Ahmed during our daily morning assembly. They spoke of the injustices happening to the Palestinian people who are still internally displaces in a continuous fight against the oppression they face due to ongoing conflict. Then during lunch all of those that are a part of the Razi community stamped our wall with green paint to signify that they stand with all those that are suffering.

We hope that these experiences pushes our students to be the difference they want to see in the world and be Green Citizens that fight for all humans.

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