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How to Write the College Essay

So the time has finally come, you are putting procrastination aside and sitting at the computer to write 
that killer college essay. Congratulations! Here are some tips for the best way to approach the task on hand.

* Write in first person
* Share a powerful message
* Connect to the requirements of the essay
* Strategically support your academic profile and goals
* Show your ambition, exude confidence and express initiative

First develop an overall strategy. Sit with your mentor (friend, parent, brother, sister, grandma, 
english teacher, boss, school counselor & an outside reader) Talk about what you want out of college, 
and that will most likely match with the top colleges on your list. Let this information guide your 
strategy to incorporate supporting qualities & information into your essay. Qualities that match up 
with the school’s mission and your goals.

How to get college admission help and advice

Each short or long essay you write is “a chance to tell your story.” To who? Why? To convince the 
admissions person reading your essay that you are their ideal candidate. 
At this point, your grades and scores have put you into the yes or no column, but colleges must then 
use the essays to select candidates with the best fit. Most admissions offices consider the college 
essay fourth in importance behind grades, test scores, and rigor of coursework. Read more about the 
school of choice, to figure out what matter most to them. Connect with the reader based on what you 
know about the school. 
Each school has a tagline, put that tagline in your head, (“The Best School in The East”) while you 
write and let it guide the story you craft.

Focus on the detailsthat make your story unique,include the facts that are not obvious to the reader. 
Don’t let the pressure of deadlines throw you off track – you are too good for that! Pick a topic that 
answers the essay question, and remember to relate back to the topic during the story. If you have 
trouble starting, remember an English teacher may have already assigned an essay that you can use as 
a starting point. Look through your old writing, talk to teachers and mentors, and refine your thoughts.

Why is college important to you? 
Remember you are filling the gaps in of the admissions person’s knowledge. To show yourself in the 
best light,and to put the reader in a jolly mood, focus on the positive. Stories that have positive 
outcomes, despite struggle, show initiative and make powerful college admissions essays.