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Principal's Message

Dear beloved Parents and Students,


It is a tremendous honor to serve the Razi School Community as Principal. During my time at Razi School, I have cherished serving this great community and treasured the relationships I have developed with staff, parents and students alike. 

I want our teachers, students and staff to always feel supported and appreciated.

Razi is a place created for curious minds, intellects and all students who want to be challenged academically while keeping a foothold on their faith and religion.

My vision for Razi is to continue creating a dynamic environment that is safe, challenging, engaging and comfortable for all those in the Razi School.


New York State and City Standards are embedded in our curriculum from elementary through high school. Our expectation is high from our students, challenging them in every field of studies. Yet we recognize that some need extra help and attention in certain subjects, that’s why we offer a lot of one-on-one or group work opportunities for everyone to grow and improve.

It is with all these qualities that makes Razi one of the top Islamic Schools in the region.​

I would like to extend my thanks to all the team who work to make Razi School so great and personally welcome all new or prospective students.


Thank You,

S. H. Karimi

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