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Graduation Requirements

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New York State Education Department
Approved Alternate Examinations

The Department of Education has approved the following list of exams as alternate examinations for the required Regents. Students must complete the required credits of course work and lab work to graduate, but they may present one or more of the following as a substitute for a Regents Exam.

Exam                                                                                         Minimum Score

Comprehensive English Regents

Advanced Placement Language and Composition                   3

Advanced Placement Literature and Composition                    3


Math A or Sequential I & II

Advanced Placement Calculus AB                                                    3

Advanced Placement Calculus BC                                                    3

SAT II Level IC                                                                                             470

SAT II Level IIC                                                                                            540


Sequential I, II & III

SAT II Level IC                                                                                            490

SAT II Level IIC                                                                                           550



SAT II Chemistry                                                                                      540

SAT II Physics                                                                                            530

Razi School Advanced Placement Program Policy

Razi School is registered with ETS and the College Board to administer Advanced Placement Exams at our school. Our school code is 336026. Advanced Placement Exams allow students to receive college credit for work completed at Razi School. The exams are scored on a scale of 1 – 5 (5 is the highest). Many colleges give credit for a 3 or higher. Students must contact the colleges that they plan to apply to and inquire about their particular Advanced Placement credit policy. 

Students who present satisfactory grades on a specified number of Advanced Placement exams (as determined by the college) may be awarded a full year’s credit and receive sophomore standing. This can shorten the time and money invested in college education.

Each year, the College Board recognizes students who have demonstrated college level achievement through Advanced Placement courses and exams. Students who receive grades of a 3 or higher on three or more exams qualify for AP Scholar Recognition. 

Advanced Placement courses at Razi School will be conducted as all other high school courses. Students will have general assignments, projects, tests, and trimester exams. The class grade will be determined the same way as other classes, 70% exam grade and 30% course work. Advanced Placement courses will earn two credits per course and the grade will be weighted 1.2 . This extra weight will be calculated in the GPA only. 

Advanced Placement exams are given in May according to the schedule set by the College Board. There is a firm deadline in which to order exams and exams must be paid for in advance. There is a penalty fee for ordering an exam, but not completing the exam. Financial assistance is available for students who qualify. 

Students who complete the Advanced Placement Exam are required to take the final exam of that course. The final grade will be compiled from the first, second and required third trimester grades.

Failing grades will remain on the transcript but are not included in the GPA provided that the course is repeated and a passing grade achieved. The passing grade will be in the GPA.

Graduation & Awards

The Graduation and Award Ceremonies are held at the end of each school year. All students who received passing final grades will be officially promoted to the next grade. Kindergarten, 8th grade and 12th grade students will have a special Graduation Ceremony.

Golden and Silver Honor Roll Certificates will be awarded at the Graduation Ceremony. Any student whose grades average to 5.0 and all grades are E for kindergarten through 3rd Grade and average of 96% - 100% and all grades 96 and up for 4th Grade through 12th Grade will receive a Golden Honor Roll Certificate. Any student whose final grades average is 4.5 or higher and all grades are V and E for kindergarten through 3rd Grade and grades average of 90% - 95% with all grades 90 and up for 4th Grade through 12th Grade will receive a Silver Honor Roll Certificate.

The top two students in the 8th and 12th grade with the highest accumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) will be honored as the class Valedictorian and Salutatorian.

Transfer Credits

Transfer students's transcript will be given credit for comparable courses taken at previous schools and Regents Exams passed. This transcript will be independent of  Razi School transcript and at the time of college application will be sent jointly with our school's records.
All Razi School students are required to complete the high school course of study. Some students may need to take summer school courses to graduate on time. Razi School will work with every student to enable him/her to graduate on time. Students may also take summer school classes at a NY State accredited school to complete required courses. All steps will be taken to schedule students into additional courses needed and assist in arranging for private tutoring and/or summer school classes. 

Students will be permitted to sit for a Regents Exam (upon course instructor’s approval) without having formally taken the course at Razi School and receive Regents credit if a score of 85 or above is obtained

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