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Our Facilities

Our facilities are designed with our kids in mind. We ensure that our facilities are regularly updated in order to improve our students and staff physical and emotional health. The classrooms are spacious and comfortable for students and teachers to learn and provide demonstrations which enables students to focus on classroom learnings. Outside the classrooms, Razi School has a mosque where the daily prayers are held for the students. 


Science Lab

The science lab at Razi School provides limitless resources for science education. From Erlenmeyer's flasks to centrifuges, our students get access to advance science techniques and knowledge



The mosque is the highlight of the Razi community where students are able to practice their religious faith in a conducive Islamic environment



Our classrooms are specifically designed for the students grade levels in order to increase learning capabilities and ensure a safe and peaceful environment for learning



Razi School's gym is equipped with basketball hoops, volleyball net and variety of resources for activities like dodge ball and soccer 


Auditorium hosts our school wide events like the assembly, graduation and other themed celebrations


The lunchroom is open for the kids of all grades and serves breakfast and lunch daily


Computer Lab

In the computer lab each kid gets an opportunity to learn computer skills, like typing and coding 



Razi School's library consists of a collection of textbooks and literature that has been collected over the years. There you can find test prep resources, classical literature and kids books 

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