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Tuition & Fees

As a Non-For-Profit, it is not among the objectives of Razi School to achieve financial gain. Nevertheless, since there are substantial costs involved in operating the school we must require each student to pay tuition and certain fees. This covers only a portion of the actual cost of each student. The base yearly tuition, not including the fees are as follows.




3K & Pre-K








1st-8th Grade




9th-12th Grade



Fee Type

Application, Admission, Placement Test Fee

$3,400 - $3,900

Transportation  Fee
[Depending On Distance]

New Students: $150
Returning Students: $50

Books & Supplies

Kindergarten & 8th Grade Graduation 
[Yearbook Included]

Senior Graduation 
[Yearbook Included]




Fee's & Expenses

The Razi School will enforce these policies without exception.

  1. To assist families enrolling more than one child, a discount of 20% on the second child and 30% on the third child is given on both tuition and bus fees.​​​​

  2. Tuition and transportation fees must be paid either in installments or in full before the end of the academic year. This will be based on the sole discretion & agreement between the parents and the administrative office. In either of these situations, full payment is expected to be completed, at the latest, by end of June of that academic year.​​

  3. A $50 NSF fee will be charged for all returned checks. Once a payment check is returned, only cash or money orders will be accepted for future payments.

  4. Payments are expected to be made as scheduled, even in cases of extended absences.

  5. There are no refunds on tuition or fees of any kind if a student leaves school for any reason after December 31st of that academic year.

  6. If you fail to honor the payment plan which the school and you agreed upon, your child will be prohibited from attending class until payment is received.​ Furthermore, Razi reserves the right to withhold report cards and graduation certificates until payment is received.


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