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Celebrating Poetry Month April 2021

Why write poetry?

Writing poems is unlike all other writings. There is much about poetry that young writers experience. Poetry nurtures one’s awareness about many, many issues. In this genre, one can get a better understanding of self and the world better. A reader and writer of poetry can engage into familiar and unfamiliar topics. Razi students write poems because a talent, a voice, speaks for them. That voice in their mind that connects to them. That voice that grows from passion. That voice that helps them clarify a moment in time that is held dear. They write poems because it bonds them to the world in no other beautiful way.

Students from seven to ninth grade achieved in having their poems published in


You, young writers, did an amazing job! Congratulations!

Sr. Tijan Isleem

What are poems?

What are poems? To people, poems may just be words, phrases, sentences. To

me, a poem is a work of art no matter who has written it. When I write a poem, I

express my feelings. Whatever I write is always true and comes from the

experience or situation I’ve been in. Not only poems, but writing in general is an

escape for me. It’s like putting me in a safe place.

- Liba Safa

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