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Congratulations Class of 2021!

Razi School seniors counted down the days to graduation, to leave the four years of high school, and looking forward to the next move in life. This graduating class of 2021 is a very special and very notable one. Due to Covid, these past months have been many days of fear, pain, and loss for many people. Graduation day was part celebration, part huge sigh of relief. We were delighted and excited that you graduates had the opportunity to have a part of a traditional graduation. All graduates were invited with their respected family members and close dear friends.

A presentation of momentous wonderful speeches was followed by our praiseworthy Principal Hesam Karimi, guest speaker Ahmed Elsamadisi, and Dr. Ghassan Elcheikhali. I, Sr. Tijan Isleem, gave my dear graduates words of inspiration that I hope they will hold value to their precious hearts. There was a wonderful awards ceremony recognizing our dedicated graduating students. All certificates were prepared by our dean, Sr. Iman Metwally. Thank you for your effort in making sure these awards were carefully administered.

Beautifully planned out photobooths and healthy refreshments were available for everyone to enjoy. Sr. Rania, we thank you for organizing this special day for all of us. A thank you for the sincere teachers who also helped make this day a meaningful one. Of course, we can’t forget to thank Sr. Sasha for the beautiful pictures taken and the video clip she put together for us to enjoy. These will hold a never-ending memory for this applauding day. There is also, Br. Seif, our technical support. Thank you for connecting power to where it belongs. We appreciate having our PTA members and their support. Thank you for the lovely gift you gave our seniors. Saving the best for last, there is Sr. Imani. You always put the pieces together for ALL of us. Thank you, sister.

It is my confidence that our 2021 graduates left their graduation ceremony with great joy, pride, and thankful to all those who played a role in your success. Keep in mind, just as you have sacrificed to be a student, many others have made great sacrifices for you. All of us at Razi School wish you the best of days that Insha’Allah await you.

Sr. Tijan Isleem


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