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Egyptian Mummification Process with Sr. Maryam Nasser and the 6th Grade

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

World History Class project

Lesson Objective:

· Students will identify religious and funerary practices in ancient Egypt

· Students will be able to discuss the role religion played in ancient Egyptian civilization

Students: Jordan Azad, Hossein Jazayer, Selam Yildirim, Zuhayr Rahman, Namira Bhulyan, Tamim Kibria

The first step is to wash the body and then to remove the brain.

Embalmer Hossein inserts a hook through the nostrils and smushes the brain and pulls it out.

Egyptians, at that time believed the brain was producing snot so they discarded it since they thought it wasn’t important for the afterlife.

Embalmer Selam slits open the left side of the body nearby the stomach to remove the organs.

Embalmer Zuhayr takes out the lungs, liver, stomach, and intestines. The heart is left in the body to be weighed by the Feather of Truth and Justice in the afterlife by the God Anubis.

If the deceased had done bad deeds, they wouldn’t be allowed into the afterlife.

Anubis the God of death helps Namira to put the organs into canopic jars, which had heads of the sons of Gorus.

Hapi, protected the lungs, Duamutef, protected the stomach, Imsety, protected the liver, and Qebehsenuef, protected the intestines.

These jars were then placed in a tomb alongside the mummy.

Anubis (Tamim) the God of Death and Namira sews up the body and places it in a package of natron salt which covers the entire body for up to 70 or 40 days.

This prevents flesh from rotting.

After this process, the Body shrivels and dehydrates. Embalmer Jordan rubs certain oils on the body to moisturize it.

Embalmer Zuhayr also rubs other special oils on the body to relax it and make it smell good.

The last step is carried out by, Anubis the God of Death (Tamim). He wraps the body in layers and layers of linen.

Finally, the mummified body is placed in a coffin and sealed in a tomb to rest and await the trial of the afterlife.

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