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First Annual Field Day!

On Wednesday, May 18th, Razi school had its first annual Field Day. It was a day filled with joy and fun activities where kids were able to play and participate in dozen of cooperative games.

These games reinforced teamwork, sportsmanship, and cooperation between members, and their amazing work was rewarded with medals for all on a beautiful sunny day in Astoria park.

Four teams took over the soccer field where they played games that were organized by teachers and PTA members. Four different colors for four different teams, yet they all played the same games planned for the day.

Students were very happy and excited to participate in fun and challenging games, and ended their eventful day with pizza and ice cream at the school. According to many, “it was a day to remember”

Razi school is very thankful to all of those who participated and helped on this memorable day. Big thank you to teachers, PTA members, parents, administrators and students volunteers who made this day a success!

Looking forward to seeing you for next year’s Field Day!

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