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Razi Celebrates Black History Month

Updated: May 8, 2021

Student excel at his years 6th annual Black History Month Festivities through a promenade of performances, speeches, and various presentations that involved every grade level.

“Even though the event was held during the pandemic I was pleasantly surprised by the safety and entertainment of the event organized by the students."

Malcolm X once said, “There is no better than adversity, every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance next time.” Razi School’s Black History Month presentation teaches us of the adversity, defeat, heartbreak, and loss that African Americans experienced. Most importantly, it teaches us that adversity and endurance plant a seed that grows into future success. On February 25th, 2020, Razi school held its 6th annual Black History Month celebration. It is an encouraging event that helps students actively engage, and we look forward to holding it every year! Through the presentations, plays, speeches, and demonstrations, we are able to learn and educate not only ourselves but our peers, school faculty, and others in the community. It is an educational experience that expresses the pride, struggles, and contributions African Americans have made. The most interesting aspect of this celebration is it helps us express far more than the lessons we learn in the classroom.

The celebration started with a video montage presented by elementary school students. They chose their own heroes to present. Many historical figures were on display, most notably, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Muhammad Ali. Through projects, speeches, and written articles, they explained the struggles African Americans endured. The three main issues African Americans had to face were lack of the right to vote, segregation, slavery, and the lingering effects of it. They peacefully fought these inhumane infliction through peaceful protests, boycotts, and speaking out through speeches broadcasted by the media. We then transitioned to the play representing Rosa Parks. Our students learned so much from this play and asked questions that supplemented their knowledge on the struggle for civil rights.

Students learned to follow in their role model’s footsteps and integrated what they have learned into the plays and videos that were presented. As a result, we believe the students will one day become a hero of their own and inspire others as these historical figures inspired them. It brings joy to everyone’s eyes when both the teachers and students earn a feeling of satisfaction for a lifetime. Once again, Razi School has displayed its will is far stronger than its limitations, even in the midst of a global pandemic.


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