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Science Fair Spectacular

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

February 2021, 2nd and 3rd Grade Science Fair. The students were able to take their unique and innovative ideas and turn them into impeccable projects. When it came to answering the questions, they were able to formulate the most beneficial responses. Students were able to use the scientific method to organize their boards and powerpoints. The projects ranged from plants to biospheres. It was nice to see all their bright faces and their passion for their projects.

Our Science teacher for 8th-10th Grade Br. Ezz, one of the judges, had this to say about our bright and talented 2nd and 3rd Graders.

“All the projects were great; the students made us very proud. They went above and beyond and exceeded their grade-level expectations.”

I was a peer judge for their science fair, and their projects were truly above and beyond. There was one student who made a glue-like substance with only acetone and styrofoam. Another created a project not only talking about Biospheres but explaining them too.

-Amira Ismail 9th Grade


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