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Pre-K & Kindergarten Graduation

Final exams are over, grades are completed and submitted! The school year is finally coming to an end, as crazy as the ride was. Razi school pre-kindergarten and kindergarteners started their preparations and rehearsals for their graduation ceremony early and vigorously. They practiced their performances with the leadership of their home room teachers, and their combined efforts resulted in a wonderful ceremony. Sr. Sohair and Sr. Aya gracefully led the pre-kindergarteners as Sr. Vernita vanguard the kindergarteners.

This day is dedicated to you wonderful teachers.

THE WORK IS DONE! NOW IT’S TIME FOR FUN! By 9:50 AM on June 23, 2021, all our graduates marched proudly Infront of their parents, and then seated around their designated tables. The ceremony begins to unfold with one of our kindergarten graduates, Imran’s Quran recitation and an ebullient speech by Principal Br. Karimi, followed by distinguished guest Christopher Hall, pre-kindergarten’s home room teacher Sr. Sohair and kindergarten’s bold and spontaneous representative Kaden.

An iconic sentence in Principal Br. Karimi’s speech that caught the love and attention of many parents, ”Every penny you spent in children’s education is a wise and long-lasting investment that will make you a one hundred percent return.”

Pre-K and kindergarteners got an excellent opportunity to portray their many wonderful talents. A huge, heartfelt thank you to both Sr. Sohair and Sr. Aya for perfecting their student’s outstanding performance and the endless work they put into making such an incredible ceremony and thank you Sr. Vernita for vigilantly training and teaching our talented kindergarteners to reach for the stars. Finally, the awards and diplomas were distributed by Principal Br. Karimi, 4K program director Sr. Imani, and the pre-k and kindergarten home room teachers. Students were overjoyed as colorful confetti popped out and fell over them. The hall was prepossessing, parents were extremely pleased by the beautifully decorated photo booths and the huge cupcakes and refreshments served. A huge thank you to an array of our talented staff who’s efforts and ability to work so smoothly together made this event possible. It was an honor to hear the kindergarteners say they couldn’t wait to move on and make it to 1st grade. One of our parents reflected on how fast the years pass by and we were deeply humbled and as she said she would be happy to see her child graduate from high school from Razi in next 12 years. Overall, we all are grateful in making the decision of having in person than virtual graduation. Razi wishes all our graduates best of luck and looking forward to seeing you all in the next school year. As Abraham Lincoln said “THE BEST WAY TO PREDICT YOUR FUTURE IS TO CREATE IT”


Sr. Sabeena Rahman

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