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Razi Graduate Publishes a Poetry Book

Abdul-Razak Abubakar is a Razi School graduate of 2015. He was always passionate about poetry and has published a compilation of poems that he has written. We are very proud of his achievement and hope to encourage him and others like him to succeed in whatever they set their minds to.

“The Creative Mind encompassed the troubles and perspective of a young African-American kid trying to find his place in the world. The compilation of poetry consists of various facets of his life, some he’s dealt with since then, and others a challenge he’s still struggling to figure out. Ultimately, life is a journey that we are all trying to come to terms with, he just decided to put his thoughts to paper in hope that he’d gain more clarity, only to realize not every problem has a solution, some are just meant to further self discovery.”

-Abdul-Razak Abubakar

If you would like to purchase Abdul-Razak's poetry book you can find it here


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