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Razi School takes 1st place at the Global Citizen Model UN Conference

Razi School had the pleasure of attending the Global Citizen Model United Nations conference on March 28 to March 30 at the Sheraton hotel in Times Square. Within the 3 days, Razi students were able to participate, along with 1000 other students from all over the world in stepping into the shoes of a United Nations Diplomat. The kids had a wonderful time and received awards for their hard work and commitment to the conference.

During the three days Razi students were able to be representatives for their assigned countries. During the first day they presented their opening speeches, voted on topics for moderated and unmoderated caucuses, and made a lot of friends. The second day focused heavily on the alliances they built and writing draft resolutions for their assigned committees that tackled issues that are affecting real life countries.

Day 3 consisted of finalizing their Resolution Papers with their team, presenting it and attending the closing ceremony, where 7 students received the honorable mention award and Razi School received Best Medium Delegation award.

The students were also able to be present when Martin Luther King the 3rd along with ambassadors from all over the world gave speeches to students about being empathic and working hard to achieve great things.

We are so incredibly proud of our students and are excited for the conferences to come in the future.

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